What it takes to shop like a professional

Our shopping blog will introduce you to both current and future trends, but it will also teach you how to shop high and pay low.

There are no doubts about it – shopping is everyone's hobby. No one will ever complain about a new jacket or some new shoes, yet there is one aspect that apparently holds people back – their budgets. From this point of view, we will indicate the newest and future trends before they make it big. We will also teach you how to shop without spending a fortune – it is all about the possibility to look good.


What it takes to be a shopping professional

A shopping professional is someone with a vision. Such people can foresee trends and will shop for them before they make it big, while prices are still decent.

This is exactly what we are trying to do. While it may not look like it, this is a fashion blog. You will discover trends and ideas that are not big yet. Some of them may seem unusual at first, but at the end of the day, they will be big within the next year. Therefore, you might as well start shopping now and enhance your experience before it turns out to be costly. We will also indicate shops, stores and special offers that do will not ruin your budget.


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Vaping for First-Timers: A Short Guide

Many people think that vaping is way cooler than smoking because you emit smoke that is safer than those you emit when you puff a regular cigarette. The smoke that you puff from the traditional joint is bitter and hard to the nose compared to what you puff out when you use the vape. A matter of fact, the second-hand smoke that you inhale from cigarettes increases your risk to develop lung diseases compared to vapes and mod that uses vape juice that is rather tasteful and aromatic.

However, as a responsible smoker, you should know the basics of vaping because it is not just a habit but it could be also a hobby and a business. And here’s what you need to know to be properly guided from choosing your vape to buying your vape juice to puff.

The act of vaping

Vaping happens with an e-cigarette, mod or vape – a simple device that allows you to inhale aerosol which is created from the vape juice placed in your vaping device. You have probably read vape smoke or water vapor several times, but the correct term to describe what you puff is aerosol.

What’s an aerosol? It is what you inhaled when the vape juice is heated and is emitted when you vape. It consists of fine particles that you can find as an ingredient of your favorite e-juice. Compared to the traditional cigarettes, what you smoke from it are the burnt tobacco leaves while with vape, you inhale savory e-liquid which is made usually out of a mixture of water, food-grade flavoring, propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycol (VG). Adding nicotine or not depends on the choice of the user.

Your vaping materials

Before you buy a vape, it is best to read reviews on the product you’re aiming to ensure that you’ll buy the highest quality for the best price. This is for you to prevent injury. So when you look for a vape device, look for the quality, price and consider your vaping habits and preferences.

In buying your vape juice, you should go with stores that are highly recommended by the vaping community and experts such as purevape.com. They are the best people to ask because they have tried almost everything and compared brands after brand to recommend something worth buying. Don’t get hooked by promotional posters and flyers. Ask people who vape, you might find something worth digging in vape stores especially the kind of vape juice that is good to puff.

How to vape

Vaping depends on the device you’re using: is it mouth-to-lung device (MTL) or a direct-to-lung device (DTL)? MTL processes are similar as to how you smoke your cigarette, while DTL is like sucking the air from the balloon, or when you hit a bong or a hookah.

One thing that you should not forget when you vape is that if you needed 5-minute smoking with your cigarette in the past, what you will need for vaping is 10 minutes to achieve that nicotine satisfaction or to satisfy the craving to smoke.

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